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    The well-proved Rondo stabilisation in micro size.

    Simply - Better - Flying
  • µRondo has the same simple operation and installation as Rondo.
  • The µRondo firmware can easily be updated.
  • µRondo can be operated with standard receivers, single-line receivers (Futaba, Jeti,...), one or two Spektrum Satellite receivers and serial receivers like Futaba S-Bus, Multiplex SRXL and act S3d SX receivers.
  • Choosable menu languages English, German and French.
Please note:
µRondo needs digital servos!

(Spektrum receiver shown only to see size of µRondo. It is not part of the shipment)

Small, smaller, µRondo!

By using new and low-priced gyro elements we could develop a flybarless system which has many of the features of Rondo, is much smaller, very light and offered at a very low price.
µRondo - Flybarless in micro size!
µRondo marks a new scale in terms of size, weight, performance and price. It offers flybarless flying in combination with simplest setup at an outstanding performance. That is why µRondo is equally suited and recommended for beginners as well as full professionals. This recommendation is underlined furthermore by the most favourable purchase price.
Beside the imnplementation of almost all features of Rondo, we've payed attention to keep the size and the weight as small as possible.
Without reservations µRondo is suitable for almost all model helicopters including nitro and gas driven helicopters.
µRondo not only brings more agility, a higher turning rate and improved flight characteristics for hard 3D flying if desired, but generally also more flying time, more stability, better performance and precision for a moderated flight style.
Of course µRondo was not only made to take over the stabilization of the main rotor. It also contains an ultramodern high end tail heading hold gyro, with no need to shun competition in its efficiency.

First Lock µRONDO in ROTOR magazine of July 2010

µRondo features in detail:

  • High-quality SMM sensors of the newest generation on all axes
  • Latest 16bit microcontroller with extremely high arithmetic performance
  • Axis-corrected sensor system prevents influences of individual functions
  • Digital servo control for the tail rotor with 1520uS and 760uS
  • Integrated mechanical, 90°, 120°, 135° as well as 140° swash plate mixer
  • Integrated Cyclic Ring function
  • Complete swash plate balance mixer for a clean run of the swash plate
  • Dynamic swash plate turn for optimal position stability while pirouetting the helicopter
  • Use as tail gyro only possible
  • Separate gain channels for swash plate and tail rotor
  • Tail mode switchable via gain channel (heading hold / restricted heading hold)
  • Works fine with all receivers, also „Single Line Receivers#8220; and with up to 2 Spektrum Satellite receivers
  • Free allocation of channels to functions
  • Static virtual swash plate turn (important for mutli blade helicopters)
  • Longer flying time and more performance by less air resistance at the rotor head
  • Adjustable for docile to super agile configurations
  • Firmware updatable
  • Weight savings by fewer parts at the rotor head and built in tail heading lock gyro
  • Smaller sensitivity to external influences such as wind
  • Stable straight flight without rearing up
  • Suitable for two and multi-blade rotor heads
  • Built in steel base plate for vibration absorption and shielding against static loadings
  • The display / program terminal is included in the price. It is usable for all future products of PRO-RC


Size: 39,5x20x19mm
Weight incl. steel base plate: 14g
Supply voltage: 4 - 9 Volts
Power comsumption: approx. 30mA


USB-Update cable for Rondo and µRondo