Welcome to the PRO-RC website

PRO-RC deals with the development of RC electronics, mainly Flybarless Systems. These developments can be found in the products of the Swiss company Heli Professional labeled as Xelaris FBL-3X. Products labled Rondo and ┬ÁRondo are not sold to end customers any more by PRO-RC. In Germany you can buy all Heli Professional products from Krick Modelltechnik.
We like to answer your questions via our user forum.

PRO-RC originated from the wish to develop high quality yet affordable electronics for RC pilots. Due to some already on the market products the bar was raised significantly. Only the combination of our experienced development team with an excellent RC pilot lead to the needed over all know-how so we could improve the "good" further.

True to our company motto: We either do something completely new, or we do everything at least as good or better while we try to keep the prices down to a level that our products are affordable for people with an average wage.